Examples of applications of CRISPR-CAS - potatoProjekt Oppotunity

Short chain amylopectin starch
  • Green labelled food ingredient
Amylose potato
  • Enables production of food that can lower your Glycemic Index and high Resistance Starch foods
Non-Browning potatoesProjekt Oppotunity
  • Less food waste and more appealing potato products
Elimination of unhealthy compounds
  • Food grade high quality potato proteins from industrial side stream is an example
  • Deep fried potato products that do not trigger the creation of acrylamide during the frying process
Induced tolerance to late blight
  • Less fungicides can be used as the plant becomes “stronger”
Example: late blight - the new variety we want to produce has a better resistance to this disease!

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Example 2.jpg
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Example of CRISPR-product on the market

GABA tomato サナテックシード株式会社 | 明日の子供達と明日の地球の為に (sanatech-seed.com)

Traditional GMO – Gene editing

Traditional genetic modification = GMO
  • Insert new DNA in the genome
  • Specific (single genes)
  • Expensive, long/unpredicted time for deregulation process
Targeted mutations/genome editing/CRISPR-Cas9 = GMO?
  • Mimic spontaneous and traditional mutational Breeding
  • Specific (single genes)
  • Deregulation under review in EU
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