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September 28, 2023 - Press release for download as PDF
Project Oppotunity supports the Commission proposal and starts development of new starch potato with the help of CRISPR

A coalition of 12 companies within the starch potato industry, breeders, processors and technology companies welcomes the Commission’s proposal on NGT:s (New breeding techniques). The proposal, when realised, can provide an important contribution to the starch potato industry to maintain its competitiveness and at the same time allow to make the necessary steps towards the goals described in the Farm to Fork strategy.

Important parts in the proposal are:
  • NGT plants with a breeding outcome that can occur naturally or by traditional breeding techniques will be treated similar to conventional plants
  • Transparency on variety level regarding the used technology
  • No labelling of the products produced from plants that are improved via NGT
  • Verification process that is simple and cost effective allowing SME:s to use the technology
Instead of waiting for the new EU-regulation the parties of project Oppotunity have decided to start the development of a potato variety with increased resistance to late blight via NGT under the current constraints. This variety will be a contribution to reduce the use of crop protection products in starch potatoes immediately upon implementation of the new EU-regulation.

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